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San Francisco, California, January 7, 2011 - Overflow of blood spilled onto the OR floor during surgery twenty-three-year-old Savanna Kelley at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center where she is undergoing a brain surgery to separate the Corpus callosum, a broad band of nerve fiber joining the left and right side of the brain. The brain is full of veins and arteries. One of the challenges is maneuvering around these. ..When Ms. Kelley was three she developed leukemia. With her father serving time in Iraq during the first Gulf War, her mother made the decision to try an experimental chemotherapy. Ms. Martin says this treatment stunted Ms. Kelley's mental growth. A few years later Ms. Kelley began to have seizures. These seizures have intensified more recently causing her to black out and collapse, causing further head trauma when she is standing. Her doctor, Edward Chang (seen left), believes separating the Corpus callosum will minimize the seizures. ..