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Laguna Woods, California, November 3, 2010 - Anna T. Boyce, R.N. and retired Senior Assemblywoman of the California Senior Legislature, at one of the monthly meetings of Village Cannabis, a pro-marijuana club at Laguna Woods Village, an 18,000 plus person senior community. Ms. Boyce was one of the three coauthors of  Proposition 215 during her tenure as a Senior Assemblywoman of the California Senior Legislature. Ms. Boyce, who lost her husband to cancer in 1995, supports medical marijuana use but is opposed to recreational use. "I saw what a difference it made on my husband's before he died," said Ms. Boyce. Ms. Boyce first introduced the proposition in 1991, but becuse of opposition from the current govenor, Pete Wilson, it was not enacted until 1996. Ms. Boyce added, "People say that I did this because of my husband, but that is not true. He was not diagnosed until 1994. I did this becuase it is the right thing to do.".