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At age 76, there are few sports Ken Clunis, of Camarillo, hasn't tried. He is a world class skier, which is how he met his wife of 52 years, he jogs, climbs mountains, flies airplanes, canoes and kayaks, as shown here in his garage with his Shearwater 17 mahogany kayak that he is building, Camarillo, Calif., Monday, Dec. 11, 2006. Clunis began his love of outdoor sports as a young boy growing up in upstate New York. "We used to canoe on the Mohawk River as kids," says Clunis, "But now I prefer to kayak." When asked how he says so active, Clunis replied, "When I wake up in the morning, my feet hit the floor and I immediately think what's next. I have to be doing something." .