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Los Angeles, California, November 16, 2011 – Busta Rhymes back stage after the release of Google Music. Rhymes is one of several artists, including the Rolling Stones and Coldplay, that will be releasing lives sets exclusively on the new platform. ..In an attempt to take on rival Apple and it’s mega music platform iTunes, Google launched its music service – Google Music – today at Mr. Brainwash’s Studio in Los Angeles. The service update integrates a music section into Google’s Android Market, Google’s media hub for Android devices. Users can now purchase songs through the Android market, and can stream them wirelessly to their Android phones and tablets using the Google Music app. In a tie-in to another of Google’s flagship products, the company is integrating the music store into its newly launched social network, Google Plus. In order to entice new adopters, the company will launch a series of Google Music-exclusive tracks, including live sets from the Rolling Stones, Coldplay and Busta Rhymes, who was in the audience.