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This is a scan of a print that was given to the subject, Robin Ferguson, so that she could write her thoughts. She wrote:.."I work at an elementary school as a noon aide. I Don't [sic] know what I would do without my job. That's what keeps me alive."..Ventura, California, August 3, 2010 - Robin Ferguson, right, opens a card for her granddaughter, Katie Eldridge, 5, outside of her van, where she has called home for the last year.  Ms. Ferguson lived in a home with her 2 sons, daughter-in-law and newborn granddaughter up until 2007, when she and one of her sons lost their jobs. They were unable to keep up with the rent and were forced to move to the back patio of her parent's home. Last year she says a neighbor called the City's code enforcement who gave her seven hours to move everything out. She moved into her van where she has lived since. Ms. Ferguson has a job - she works as a noon aide at Will Rogers Elementary - but she says she does not make enough to rent a home or apartment. Just this month, after three years of waiting, she was finally approved for low income housing assistance. She says that she is so happy that she will be off of the streets. "I am grateful - just being able to feel like a complete person, self sufficient, not having to depend on some else to have a safe place to be." ..