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Stockton, California, May 1, 2012 -  Stockton is the 13th largest city in California, and the fourth-largest city in the Central Valley, home to the state's most productive agricultural area. The city has deep agricultural roots. Its seasonal work, along with its booms and busts, have driven its homeless population up and down. The economic downtown hit Stockton especially hard. With almost 1 in 3 living below the poverty line, many are now homeless with few options. <br />
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Stockton, a city of nearly 300,000 with strong agricultural roots, has been plagued by crime and misfortune over the past several decades. It saw home construction soar nearly three times over during the boom years from 1998 to 2005, only to fall just as precipitously to become a foreclosure epicenter when the boom turned to bust. In June of this year it became the largest city to file for bankruptcy.