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Iquitos, Peru, September 15, 2013 - A merchant displays Ayahuasca amongs dozens of other medicines, potions and herbal remedies  at a medicine stall on Medicine Row at the  the Belen Market. The block long Medicine Row hosts dozens of stall that contain an array of medicines, herbs and potions from the jungle, including Ayahuasca, Coca and a variety of liquors made from jungle roots and fruit. <br />
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Belen in the gateway from the the jungle to the city. <br />
Many of the locals of Belen operate as both distributors, by ferrying vegetables, produce, meats and medicines from the jungle to the market, and as merchant. The market itself supplies the city with the majority of its needs, from jungle fruits and vegetables, fish, jungle meat, such as turtle, monkey, deer and rodent, clothing, tools, coal, wood, and even medicine. Because it is such an integral part of the city, the police look the other way with regard to the illegal activity.