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Santa Barbara, Calif., May 6, 2009 - Charlie Duff, left, watches the Jesusita Fire as his wife Cathy Duff points out to their neighbor Aaron Douglas, where there second home is located just over the ridge. The couple owns two homes in the area. There primary home (seen here) was nearly destroyed by last year's Tea Fire, but that blaze also knocked back the grass and brush that would be fuel for this fire. The blaze was quickly approaching their second home. Charlie added, "It will probably be gone in a few more minutes." The blaze destroyed several homes in the area as well as knocking out the 220-kilovolt Goleta transmission line which are the primary source for Santa Barbara County.  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency. During a 10 am press conference the Governor added that 5,400 homes (13,575 people) have been evacuated, 3,500 homes are considered threatened and several dozen have been lost, though no official number has been released.