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CREDIT: Daryl Peveto / LUCEO..West Covina, California, May 12, 2010 - A portrait of Andrea Fleytas (cq), the Dynamic Positioning Operator on the Transocean Semi Submersible Exploratory Drilling Platform, Deepwater Horizon, that exploded on April 20 killing eleven contractors, at her mother's home. Fleytas, the only female Transocean employ on the vessel, stayed on for an hour after the explosion trying to right the oil rig. She eventually had to jump into the water and swim for 20 minutes before being rescued. The oil rig sank two days later causing what may be the worst oil spill in the history of oil exploration. Fleytas says she plans on taking a couple of months off to recover but is looking forward to returning to work. Adding, "This experience has really taught me a lot about myself and how I handle my work."