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Rancho Cucamonga, California, September 1, 2012 - A portrait of Michael Quinn at his home. In September 1993, Quinn was, along with five other writers and intellectuals, excommunicated from the Mormon Church. Quinn said of his actions, ?We all did what we felt had to be done.? A Yale-trained historian who taught for 12 years at BYU, Quinn had published controversial books and articles about polygamy, Joseph Smith's interest in magic, and the role of women in the church. Though it was not publicly known at the time, Quinn, who was divorced in 1985 (he had four children, one of whom committed suicide at 21), is gay. He had told his wife and some close friends, but did not come out publicly until 1996, when he published a book about same-sex relations among the early Mormons.Despite his accomplishments as a historian, he's been unable to land a tenured professorship since he resigned from BYU prior to his excommunication. This is partly because the handful of big universities with chairs in Mormon studies don't want to offend the mostly Mormon donors who endow those positions. And so he has occasionally struggled to support himself. About 10 years ago he moved in with his mother, sleeping on a futon in her condo. She passed away in 2007, and left the condo to him. Though he hates Rancho Cucamonga, that's where he still lives. He plans to relocate to New Orleans once he is able to sell the condo.