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Laguna Woods, California, October, 26, 2010 - Plant food and knitting materials line the shelf of a member of the medical marijuana collective, Laguna Woods for Medical Cannabis, a collective of about 100 members that operates as a dispensary for medical marijuana at the senior community of Laguna Woods Village. Many seniors who were once vehemently opposed to marijuana, have turned to it at their doctors' suggestion. Indeed, many of the purported health benefits of marijuana target problems that typically plague older people, such as chronic shingles, arthritis pain, and symptoms of multiple sclerosis and cancer, such as loss of appetite, chronic pain and nausea. The collective's chairman, Lonnie Painter, has said that "Many of our members were closet smokers. They were embarrassed by the fact that they used cannabis to help their medical condition. But we have tried to make them feel okay to use it." California's Compassionate Use Act, passed in 1996, allows people with a prescription to use and cultivate medicinal marijuana....