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Cusco, Peru, Jan. 7, 2006 - Maria Albiendro, pulls down a strip of beef for customer, Fernanda Q'ismo, in the San Pedro Market, as a native woman sits in the street below begging for change. Albiendro, who has been a butcher for over forty years, is one of the few legal merchants in the market. Recent changes in the law have allowed her to pay taxes that are more reasonable, and the time to gain her license has dropped from 26 months to just two. Her family also has stalls in the market selling eggs, cheese and produce, all grown and raised at her families nearby farm. She hopes that by becoming legal she will be able to pass her business along to her children. Sadly, corruption and unfair business laws still keep others out of the legal market system, forcing many to take up begging as the only option for income.