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Ventura, California, July 14, 2010 - A portrait of Bob McCullough on the film and television production lot at Brooks Institute, which was used to film Erin Brockovich, as well as parts of Titanic and Cast Away. McCullough, who wrote for programs such as Bionic Woman and B.J. and the Bear as well as being the supervising producer on the hugely popular '80's soap Falcon Crest, is one of 165 television writers who were plaintiffs in a long-running age-bias case against more than two dozen defendants that essentially run the television business. Among them are the big networks and production studios and seven major talent agencies. "It became apparent that the Aloha shirts and young persona were not fooling the young executives that I was meeting with," McCullough says. "They said, 'Gosh, you wrote my mother's favorite TV show!' My agent said, 'There's not much more we can do for you. Your time is done.' He was absolutely ruthless and brutal." McCullough lives in Montecito (part of Santa Barbara, 75 miles north of Los Angeles) and is writing a book with his wife on celebrities who now reside in Santa Barbara.