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Los Angeles, California, May 9, 2012 - Artificial heart recipient Michelle Johnson visits the Cedar-Sinai Heart Institute for a series of checkups and to see if she will qualify to be placed on the donor list for a new heart. Johnson received a heart transplant in December of 2010, but here body soon rejected it. She received the artificial heart in January of 2012 to buy her time so her doctors could study why her body built antibodies against the first heart. She is the first woman to have an artificial heart. Today she was told that she had placed back on the list for a new heart. The artificial heart is called CardioWest Artificial Heart, made by SynCardia. It is considered a bridge-to-transplant tool to help patients who would otherwise die, while waiting for a transplant.  Because it is able to be plugged into a portable unit with its own battery pack, patients are able to leave the hospital and lead somewhat normal lives. Johnson says though, ?Time is limited with the batteries. I can get my nails done, but that is about it. ?