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This is a scan of a print that was given to the subject, Mike Vance, so that he could write his thoughts. He tersely described his feelings by saying:.."if Santa Can Do it So can I."..Ventura, California, July 20, 2010 - A portrait Mike Vance shows how he has weathered 44 years of living on the streets. He says his red cap and beard lead many to call him Santa Claus. Mr. Vance has been homeless roughly since 1966, when he says he was crushed by a tree that left him unable to hold a steady job. He survives from small SSI checks and the kindness of the local Knights of Columbus Hall that allows him to sleep on their steps and occasionally feeds him. Mr. Vance likes to read and is often seen on these benches and in the neighboring park reading magazines and books people leave behind. Because of the public rest rooms in Mission Park as well as its proximity to the River it is a popular spot for the homeless in Ventura. .