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Near Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, April 9, 2010 - Tea Party Express staffer Dustin Stockton shows a video he shot of fellow staffer Brian Barton pointing a gun to a dance beat and singing "Kill all RINOs" -  RINO Republican in name only, an acronym given to Republicans who do not hold to the values important to the more conservative views of the Tea Party. Stockton was on the bus Tea Party bus en route to Sault Sainte Marie. The tour has focused on smaller towns with more conservative populations and districts they believe the incumbent can be defeated this fall. The Tea Party Express tour titled "Just Vote Them Out" is taking an aggressive approach by targeting Democratic incumbents competitive districts, as well as Republicans deemed not conservative enough who are facing primary challenges from more conservative candidates. While not endorsing any candidates so far, the Tea Party Express does not hide its desire to replace incumbents with new conservatives that more closely hew to its goals of smaller government and less taxes...