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San Francisco, California, January 6, 2011 - A portrait of University of California San Francisco Medical Center Professor and Chair of the Neurology Chair Dr. Michael Berger at the UCSF Medical Center. Dr. Berger is a specialist in the treatment of tumors. He has developed a new experimental technology using an organic dye, known as 5-ALA, and a florescent light that illuminates the tumor more clearly. The tumor will glow a bright orange under the blue lights says Dr. Berger. The dye, given orally to the patient, takes about three hours to fully absorb into the brain cells. According to Dr. Berger it has zero side effects. One of the real benefits to this technology is in the hunt for cancerous tumors, some of which often remains hidden. "Because a lot of times the tumor is very clear, but the actual infiltrating margin looks just like normal brain. So it's hard to find those cells. But now that they're orange, we can go after them selectively," says Dr. Berger....